Saturday, November 20

Corruption at the Pentagon? You're kidding!

Yesterday, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John W. Warner (R-Va.) and senior committee Democrat Carl M. Levin (Mich.) joined McCain in a letter to Rumsfeld that called the tanker lease "the most significant" abuse since the "Ill Wind" bribery and fraud cases of the 1990s.

Read the rest here.

We've got so much work to do. Here's three clicks for today:

Health insurance for every child. Thank you, John Kerry.

Close the School of the Americas. Why are we taxpayers training terrorists?

Send a care package to a soldier overseas. Michael Moore confirms this is legit.

Now that's a funny T-shirt: Order one here.


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  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Love the shirt. I always wanted to make one (or a bumper sticker) that simply read IDCWJWD (I'm sure you can figure it out).



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