Sunday, November 28

Remember last Christmas? Neither do I.


Excellent article in USA Today this weekend

"Some Americans trim more than the tree...Tired of debt, stress of buying gifts, they opt for simplicity"

Read the whole article, which mentions some of the following without providing links or websites. Just another free service provided by Blue Gal:

Buy Nothing Day
AdBusters Magazine

Buy Nothing Christmas
Center for a New American Dream
Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture
Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping

And kudos to the sisters who got arrested for videotaping their Buy Nothing Day demonstration at their local mall.

May we all remember at His own season Comrade Jesus, who spoke the truth to power without a hint of rancor or hatred, and whose love for humanity triumphed so much that we remember Him today for His life more than for His death. (Well, except for Mel Gibson.)

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