Monday, November 22

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Several friends have sent me news articles about the potential voter fraud, especially regarding e-voter machines in both Ohio and Florida. Sorry, folks, I really don't think the average American voter gives a rat's behind. We can cry in our soup until we're blue, oh wait, we're already blue. In so many ways.

So let's giggle instead.

and their sister site,

I'm gonna stop buying Starbucks. Not because they're bad people, (oh, they are bad people, aren't they?) but because it's a rip off. We get upset when gas goes over $2.00 per gallon, but a skinny double shot mocha no whip in the drive thru costs $57.60 per gallon. And some of us would drink a gallon if we could. Click that naughty link while you can, folks, word is corporate America is not amused.

From the Slate article linked above...

the people who buy its coffee don't just need coffee, they need Starbucks coffee, which packs a higher caffeine punch than many competitors. [Note] the scary finding that a 16-ounce Starbucks grande has nearly three times as much caffeine as a No-Doz.

So I'll stay awake reading Peace Kills. And I'm wondering, is Checkpoint porn for blue staters?

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