Tuesday, November 2

Election Day 2004

An auspicious start to blogging? I don't intend to make my website a place for mere political grandstanding. Voted today without too much of a wait. Twenty-one Republicans ran unopposed on the Shelby County, Alabama ballot. So I voted the only way to vote against them: straight party Democrat.

A good comment on sojo.net:

From an article
It's Election Day - five simple things you can do
by David Batstone


"Pray for common ground with your political opponents, then walk on that fertile soil. Too many important political issues in America today are polarized, and the inevitable result is paralysis. Jim Forest visited my class at the University of San Francisco this past week and shared with the students a profound insight: "The opposite of love is not hate, but fear." We fear sliding down a slope from the height of our own self-right-ness. We fear our adversary. We fear losing control. And we cease to love."

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