Tuesday, November 30

{Insert Halliburton joke here}

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I just love NatLamp's takeoff on the JFK shooting game. If you're old enough to remember the print magazine reference for the George W. Bush item, take a moment to be smug with me.

Yes! Yes! We all bow to Fafblog! Yes! Yes!

Here's Fafblog and his sidekick Giblets talking to Wolf Blitzer

WB: How much thought goes into your "web blog" "posts"?

F: Oh we do not think at all when we post! That would defeat the entire purpose!

G: Blogs must be spontaneous intant reactions to the lightning events of the everyday! Giblets fires up a random news article, pounds his head against the keyboard several times, an hits the "publish" button for the purest of pure blog posts!

F: Otherwise you are not truly flowin in the electric consciousness Wolf.

WB: Do you think blogs are transforming the discourse in America, and if so how so?

F: Oh they definitely are Wolf. There is not much that can resist our transformin internet power.

G: We are MADE of the internet. We course with its febrile energy!

F: An we will make the discourse faster because blogs are faster. When someone starts talkin bout somethin that just happened five minutes ago someone else will say "oh I already heard about that yesterday, borin" an they will drop it cuz it's borin.

I can only dream of being such a blogger...

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