Friday, February 20

As Doctor Zaius says...

No time for blogging today! Thanks for the linky love, Dr. Z. I had a start up scare with my laptop which proved to me that Yes, Bluegal, you Do Need Anti-Virus Software. So that took a chunk of time to download and then the trusty minivan needed a new headlight. All done.

I've got three ideas for new movies swimming in my head.

Not to mention next week is the start of Lent. I'm giving up perfectionism. No, Really.

Glad to see Paul Krugman has taken some assertiveness training. Calling Boehner on "stupidity" is a lovely start. Baby steps, my friend.


  1. Love ya, but get a MAC.

    Geez. *rollseyes*

  2. Anonymous8:33 AM

    just because the dems 'r in...doesn't mean Mr. K. gets apathetic.
    for me - he's always been fairly asserive.

  3. When I'm a hugely successful author, I'll get you a MacBook, hunnie!

    I do love me some PK. I posted a comment on one of his articles last week - I didn't think they actually allowed us rabble to post on the NYT!

  4. more people should be like krugman and bob herbert ....


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