Tuesday, February 17

Just send me one of everything.

And hell yeah, the clothes start at size 14. What's YOUR problem, skinny mini fashionistas?

Anybody else remember Vaughn Meader's The First Family?

"Rip the top button off those five thousand 'First Ladys', and put'em-on-a-rack!" I loved that.


  1. Lovely post dear. I was just looking at a similar photo of the back side of a woman in one of the glossy mags. Great ad and may we return to an admiration of the real female body.

  2. Women at an average, healthy weight, with curves? What gives?

  3. Pardon my foulmouth, but it's about fucking time.

    (I'm wearing my button as I type that.)

  4. Girls with meat on them taste better.


  5. Oh yeah, often consider writing a blog post in praise of substantial bottoms.

  6. Anonymous5:15 AM

    This is totally off topic...well maybe not totally - I dreamt last night of Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution. Hope it doesn't come to that.

  7. I remember the album The First Family well. I must ahve been 9 years old when we got it. It was a big hit in our family.

    Thanks for the flash from the past.

  8. we had the album at our house!

    i saw a photo in the post gazette sunday that has a modal in a "barbie" outfit. you could have driven a semi between the gap in her legs!.

    that can not be normal.


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