Monday, February 9

Get happy?

I've had stuff coming to my email box this weekend which share a common thread, maybe one only I can see, but...

One email from a fellow blogger who is unhappy on lots of levels with Obama. I can see some of the points and others not so much. One issue is the worship of Obama by some of his followers. My first thought is that it is human nature to want to have an Obama or a Jesus or a Hitler or whatever come and save us in times of deep national despair. We really truly do have to watch out for that; people thought Nixon was "the one" in 1970 for crying out loud. I file Obama mania under "forgive them for they know not what they do" and pray that I can stay awake and not go for the cult of personality stuff.

She's a virgin, all right. Anyhow, Jane Hamsher in Huffpo is going after Obama for the bipartisan stuff. Yep, it's a rookie error, though I don't think he's going to change his process-above-all personality even over the jobs bill. (That's what we're calling it now, btw). Several Hillary supporters wanted to warn me during the primary that Obama was not progressive, and more than once I had to answer, duh!

In case you haven't noticed, the 2008 election isn't over yet. We're still running against McCain, to give one nasty for instance, and every southern white blowhard a-hole senator who was lucky enough NOT to have to run for re-election last Fall. Take a look at the map of where the Senate races are in 2010.

And if you think to tell me it's too early to discuss those races and we can't possibly live in perpetual campaign mode, I've got two names for you: Jim DeMint and David Vitter. They're up for re-election in less than two years, folks, and their seats aren't considered safe. In fact, every deep south state except Mississippi has senate elections in 20 months. And there are a lot of new black voters in those states who might be inclined to turn out if

...the economy is still in the tank.
...THEIR economy is still in the tank.
...their Senator is gazing upward and talking about Reagan.

In the meantime, it's not that I am too cool to talk about the Democratic primary season of 2008, it's that I'm too busy. I'm busy supporting spending on whatever will get America back to work, AND I'm busy getting geared up for Blog Against Theocracy, where I may seriously knock horns with the President for whom I voted. I'd like a little faith-based kickass against the GOP for the 2010 elections from this President, too. It's not too early.


  1. The story I always pulled out of the life of Jesus is, as you mentioned, that society and humanity will deify someone who arrives promising change and who possesses immense personal charisma.

    Some people are starry-eyed, but I think many are awed by how different Obama is from what has ever come before and consumed by a spirit of novelty they aren't thinking clearly.

  2. I guess my take on this is that I don't expect to be in love with everything my president does - no matter what party he/she belongs to - and if I thought that I had to "support my party 100%," I'd be a Republican.

    For those who are fretting over the general infatuation, may I remind them that it's February. It's just February. Shouldn't the infatuated be allowed to drool for at least 6 mos. before they must be shamed?

    I mean, I typically have a 3 mos. window when infatuation makes me quite immune to reality. I'm willing to cut them some slack.

  3. I have to agree with Lisa.. I know Pres. Obama has feet of clay.. never doubted it for a minute. But I also think he is the best thing we have going for us now. He is and was better than Hillary and that's why I voted for him. There really wasn't a lot of difference between them but I couldn't see putting Bill back in the White House and that's what we would have done. Sorry, but I just wasn't up for that.
    I think we can support the President and love him just like we love a good singer or a good actor. That's how I feel about him, do I think we will be upset with him, I think we will be happy with everything he does... no... But I think we should still support him because he is our President. I didn't agree with Bush either...not one bit, but I did support him because he was our President.

    Yes, I agree we need to stay after the republicans, but to go after our President too is just wrong. I have already talked about documenting everything and all the lies the republicans have told and are doing against these bills. They are trying to obstruct just to obstruct, only to try to win back both houses in 2010. Rep. Sessions made that clear when he talked about them being like the Taliban and being an insurgency.. last week..he said they weren't there to lose but to win. I wrote about that on the 5th of Feb. on my blog.

  4. There are a few good issues out there, for sure. The fight against theocracy, which you mentioned is an important one. I'm a little worried about these reports that Obama's people are blocking investigations into the torture, but I think it's a little early to write him off.

  5. You can add Judge Gregg to the list of retiring Goppers.


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