Sunday, February 15

Blog Against Theocracy - Call for Logos

If you'd like to help Blog Against Theocracy in the early stages, we're looking for logos. I did this one, I've got another excellent surprise from Tengrain to show you in March, but we need more. To get your juices flowing, remember that the big issues this year are:

Prop 8 and gay marriage
Obama's faith-based fiddle faddle.
Plus the usual religious right stuff. Reproductive rights, creationism, etc.

If you have something you'd like to share, email me at bluegalsblog AT gmail subject line "Blog Against Theocracy Logo". And thanks.

PS. There's a lovely art auction on Ebay for Valentines for Palestine. I especially like the Love and Ecstasy piece.


  1. Maybe someone could incorporate one of these into the logo somehow? Call it a "LOGo" and drive the religious wingnuts batshit loopy with an issue they have already screeched about:

    "Tiny plastic figures of Barack Obama and Gordon Brown relieving themselves in public have become online bestsellers.

    They are among a host of politicians, sports stars and celebrities to be given the dubious honour of being turned into a 'caganer'.

    Catalonians traditionally celebrate Christmas by placing a caganer, which translates as pooper, in a nativity scene."

    A "Pope Pooping LOGo" (do they have one of the huckster or that Focus on your own damned Family twit?) might be appropriate? Gotta have fun with these things or it just isn't worth doing it at all, IMHO.

  2. Too bad you don't get the art:

    "Note: You will not be the owner of this piece if you win the auction. You are bidding to donate it to the less fortunate. If you would like your name on a tag below the piece when it is put on display in Gaza City (i.e. "donated by Joe Smith of Austin, TX") we will gladly acknowledge your contribution in this way. Arrangements can be made if the winning bidder requests a print of the piece for themselves."

    But it is for a good cause and you can get a print of the piece if you win. (I am guessing they will ask for the actual costs of the print on top of your actual bid?)

  3. Oh good, I always like blogging on this subject.

  4. Anonymous5:56 PM

    I'll be there. But I am not putting this guy's mug on my blog, nuh-uh.

  5. Are the dates firm? If not, I'll change them in my upcoming Save the Date notice on my blog.

  6. It's always held Easter Weekend, libhom. Thanks!

  7. Blue Gal: Thanks. I can publish the post now.

    Easter wouldn't even get on my radar at all if not for Cheap Chocolate Day the day after. The one after the pagan holiday of Easter is the best because the bird's nest candies have coconut which I love.

  8. Its always held easter visa says, that priceless!


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