Thursday, February 12

Panties in the News!

The fifty cent tour of this story, as far as I can fathom it, is there's some Hindu fundies in India who don't want women to go to bars, wear western-style clothing, and celebrate Valentine's Day. Yeah. So a group of men claiming to belong to this group "raided" a pub on a Saturday afternoon, slapping at women inside and driving them out into the street. Needless to say this youtube is not pretty:

A group of reasonably outraged Indians has started a movement to send pink panties (known as chaddis) (and oh how I love that) to the fundie organization. They have a blog and a lovely Facebook group with panties images I'm destined to steal.

I also love that this horrible incident of violence against women can be met with direct action non-violence that gets lots of well-deserved attention. Fundies don't have a chance against activist women with a strong sense of self and humor.

h/t Connecticut Man 1.


  1. Every big, tough fundie of any creed that attacks women should have a pair of pretty pink panties to wear as they are paraded down the street.

    And if they prove recalcitrant to the idea of slipping them on, a little 'encouragement' never hurts. Well, it might not hurt the encourager.


  2. Well, Darkblack has pretty much said it all. Darkblack and that great video clip.

  3. Anonymous7:26 PM

    I like the response. Gandhi would approve, no?

  4. I thought you might like this cause. A friend sent me the facebook group link and I had to ask her "What the heck is this about? I may be Pub-going, loose and forward but I am not a woman?"

    Then she explained about it being against oppression and violence against woman.

    To myself? A great excuse to go out and raise a glass of beer (or tea, or fruit juice) is better than the simple reason that I will probably still go out and have that beer.

    I am going to send a pink chaddi in to the addy they give at the Blog (Don't expect to wear them them. lol Dark Black!). I figure I will be at Victoria Secrets tomorrow to get something "valentinish" for my wife anyways... :)

  5. Besides all that? I owed you a pair of panties... lol jk

  6. Oh, that's right - I owe you a pair of panties too, BG.


  7. Anonymous11:17 PM

    I was in India two years ago conducting an audit, when I read a story about a young couple that was attacked in a New Delhi park for showing a public display of affection. When I asked my audit liaison about it (a woman), she mentioned to me that these acts were becoming more prevalent because of India's growing economy. There's a real culture war going on between younger citizens steeped in Western culture and older "traditionalists". But I take no comfort in knowing that the good ol' US of A has not cornered the market on fundie terrorism.

  8. OMFG! This is just sick. A commission blames the women for getting beat up.

    Sounds just like the same arguments you would get from the far right fundies in the GOP, eh?

    "They were wearing a provocative dress..."

    "She was asking for it!"

    "She smiled at me..."

    "She is a liberal on welfare. She didn't say no when she was hitting and kicking me. I am a gift from God to her!"



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