Sunday, February 1

Pajamas Media? I'm still not bored with the buh-bye.

While we lefty bloggers corpse-hump Pajamas Media before the burial, I just have to laugh at the claims made by the mourners.

Pammy seems too easy a target...oh what the hell. No linky, but you know where to go for the giggles:

Soros, Hollywood libtards and Google-type asshats embarrassingly fund the leftwing sites vis a vis et al, the right has none of that. None. We live on fumes.

Got that, fellow lefty bloggers? You and I live on Soros/MoveOn largesse! Where's my check?

Off topic: Am I the only one who can't understand why media thinks Michelle Obama is economizing by decorating via Pottery Barn? I love me some Michelle Obama, but every table in my living room came from the GOOD WILL.

And I hear fellow blogger Arianna Huffington is so broken up about the economy she took only Barbara Ehrenreich books on her Kindle to Davos.

But dang, I agree with Pammy: right wing blogs live on fumes. Ahem.

Then I get an email that says we left-wing political bloggers should be, ahem again, worried about our business models. No, really. Apparently SOME bloggers may not be able to pay their hosting service and might have to [GOD NO!] move back to Blogspot or Wordpress!!!


I have no idea why any single shingle blogger would leave a free hosting service. It's vanity, pure blog botox, to think you need your own dot com.

Here's my business model: political blogging is ART. There will be a few who can support themselves doing it, but the vast majority blog because it calls them, and those who put the business model ahead of art are either talentless hacks or FUCKING SELLOUTS.

We are living in an age of really rapid change, and not all of it's going to be good for left-wing blogs.

The lefty bloggers whose only paintbrush was anti-Bush are fading fast. Addiction to outrage will never be fed by the dispassionate wonks of the current administration. But remember citizens of Leftsylvania, we still have old media to kick around. At this writing, I'm watching George Fucking Stephanopolous tell Barney Frank he doesn't want to talk about the cost of the Iraq War, but we do need to talk about how we're gonna pay for the stimulus! I'm outraged! Mmmm..outrage. I'm bullish on the outrage surplus! We just have to know where to look.


  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Sadly, I strongly doubt if we'll ever run out of targets to direct our rage at.

    Still, with the election of Barack Obama and the welcome exit of Pajama Media, it doesn't seem as hopeless as it used to be. Maybe the rest of the country is figuring out that Liberalism isn't the boogeyman that the screaming heads on Fox News make it out to be.

    Although it feels as though it's two steps to every step forward, at least we're moving in the right direction.

  2. Yeah, that Soros cheddah sure keeps us foreign infidels fat and sassy whilst we tear down the Great Satan for fun and profit - Fie on the purity of protest when there's filthy lucre to be made. My fumes bettah than your fumes, cantservatives!

    (rolls eyes)

    'Anti-Bush' wasn't my only brush, but I personally reached for it with quite a frequency.
    However, now that it's 'off the palette', so to speak, many issues of opinion remain to be rendered through parody, both nationally and internationally...So my prediction is that snark stock is a growing market to watch.

    ...And no more of that 'It's in the mail' excuse, George.


  3. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I've always wondered by they call it Pajamas Media -- Hot Air, I understand -- but I'm too lazy to find out.

  4. i don't have enough for 1 little grilled cheese "sammich!"

  5. Yes, I wondered too why we couldn't discuss the cost of the Iraq war while talking about the simulus...seems to me there is a direct link between the two. Sure seems to me we wouldn't be nearly as deep in this abyss if it weren't for the $1 Trillion we have spent on Iraq. Oh but Georgie says we can't speak of such things... well Georgie can kiss by royal red one... Far as I am concerned all of this is on the table when the rethugs want to say no to stimulus and yes to tax cuts.

  6. Soros only doles out the $$$ after you swear fealty to the New World Order, this is clearly stated in the operating manual, did you misplace your copy???

  7. Off topic:
    Updating B.A.D. Link love

    Sorry SBlue Gal, the e mail link is not hooked up to a happening e mail address....

    I have posted my Amnesty delio on my blog.

  8. I saw Pammy's rant, and can't stop laughing. The woman is koo-koo. My blog was supposed to have a business model? Why didn't anyone tell me?

    Well said, Blue Gal! We don't blog because some company pays us. I also enjoyed reading Pammy criticize the success of lefty blogs. Too much!

    I love Wolcott on it (esp. the post title). Enjoy if you haven't already!

    R.I.P. Pajamas Media!!

  9. "Here's my business model: political blogging is ART. There will be a few who can support themselves doing it, but the vast majority blog because it calls them, and those who put the business model ahead of art are either talentless hacks or FUCKING SELLOUTS."

    This is perfect! I love you, Blue Gal!

  10. Obviously, I'm not bored with "buh-bye" yet, either... I'm just getting started.

  11. A few of us (Local Connecticut Bloggers) were discussing the problems with paying for hosting a site. Their common complaint was that as they got bigger they had more problems with Blogger. Now... I can understand taking the whack for a .com addy and pointing it to your Blogspot place. But I see no point in wasting a nickel on a hosting service. It turns fine Bloggers into beggars. It isn't worth the headaches for the few hiccups and burps that Blogspot and Wordpress give you.

    Last week someone offered me a big bucket of nickels to add a link to their "business site". I am still kind of thinking about it (instead of the 300 dollar video cam I am saving for I could go for a really nice one). I am almost thinking of giving them the link and asking them to pay the money to some Bloggers that are as hard up(Maybe even worse?), moneywise, as we were a year ago... My point is that I don't have to think about it from the standpoint that I must take the money to feed my site.

    That would just suck, IMHO.

  12. > Last week someone offered me a big bucket of nickels to add a link to their "business site"

    careful, Google will sometimes drop your Page Rank if they think you are linking to spammy sites or link farms. Maybe that one isn't, but be sure.

    I blog with WordPress self-hosted because I like the platform, and because IMHO it more powerful than Blogger, plus there are enormous numbers of third party themes and plugins.

    Hosting costs me $15 a month at Laughing Squid who co-lo at Rackspace, so they are solid. And that's the high priced plan! Self-hosting can be fine, and cheap.

    Another big change happening is social networking sites being used for mini-blogging. Major tech blogger Robert Scoble uses FriendFeed for most his stuff now with his blog just for long posts. That trend will continue.

  13. Business plan? For most of the bloggers I know, the plan is to have a job before the money runs out.

    And Soros is late with the check again. Too busy devaluing currencies, I suppose.

    In truth, I try not to feel outrage. There's so much reason for outrage right now that it could consume anyone. PM have been a pathetic bunch of clowns from the start. The only people who didn't realize that were PM and their readers. I think the perfect revenge is to create a society that's smart enough not to be fooled by clowns.

  14. am i supposed to be using a different blog service :(

    does this mean i won't get pajama media email anymore?

  15. I'm still technically on blogspot, but my friend paid for my own domain name for Christmas. Le sigh ...

    I am also rocking the goodwill, and IKEA. Is IKEA worker friendly? Hummmm... maybe I should have checked that out first.

    That's okay, Salvation Army has drama with my Church because we encourage homosexuals to attend our services and they do not ... and we did a bunch of service with them over Christmas. I guess that is the last time I ring bells for them!

  16. "careful, Google will sometimes drop your Page Rank if they think you are linking to spammy sites or link farms. Maybe that one isn't, but be sure."

    I'll keep that in mind. For the small amount of nickels I might be better to skip it. I sure as hell ain't doing this for profit. If I were I would be Blogging about something I knew more about and was a lot less emotional than politics. lol

  17. Anonymous11:49 PM is nothing more than a conservative "missile gap" straw man. Continue to think that's the issue conservatives. Who names an organization "pajama media" anyway?

  18. I'd love some of that Move-On largesse.

    I'll stick with free as long as it's there. Of course, everytime I log on, I secretly cross my fingers and hope Blogspot is still hosting us.

    Anyone worry about the years of archives just being gone one day?

  19. They're running on fumes alright.
    The combined toxic flatulence which emanates from legions of cretinous sycophants.

    About the B.A.D. BlueGal, young lady, looks like trouble to me. ;-)

    Since driftglass and his BlagoJoker was such a hit, I wasted 10 minutes to create GA's PerdueJoker.


  20. Stash, you can always "import" your blogster blog into a WordPress one. Then at least you have it in 2 places should one of them tank!

  21. Great idea. Thanks.

  22. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Wow BGal...who was that ancient comic book character who used the expression HOLY MOLEY?

    This post is at the pale if not beyond, but it has certainly attracted.

    But then you have a feel for these things.

    By the way...I don't go to the movies very often, but I did this weekend and really have to recommend "The Reader".

    Stupendous is the word.

  23. "But remember citizens of Leftsylvania, we still have old media to kick around."


    I think the progressive community needs to keep the current administration on their toes.

    Just sayin'

  24. nunya, I could not agree more! There should be a lot more outrage over this DAschle pick!

  25. Any regular readers here think I'm too soft on Obama? Just saying.

    And getting Daschle on taxes instead of his war vote(s) is like getting Al Capone on...taxes instead of his war votes.

    I'm just sorry it will be seen as a GOP victory instead of a stand by the "progressive community" whateverthehellthatis. According to Steph we can't even talk about the war anymore, remember?

    Jimreed I consider this post totally inside baseball. We'll climb out now. xoxo

  26. Oh, Blue Gal, I certainly don't. I was reacting to the Obama apologist crowd who don't care what he does; I ran across some this a.m. & am still seething :)

    I don't care about the taxes so much either, I care about the lobbying and Daschle and his wife's inside-the-beltway dealings.

  27. Actually, Blue Gal, I'm more worried about Daschle's ties to the industries he's supposed to be regulating as SecHHS (or however you abbreviate that one).

    I'm guessing there will be no universal healthcare worthy of the name for at least another eight years.

  28. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Did Joe the Plumber kill the Pajamas Media Bloggers Network?



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