Saturday, February 28

More for Blog Against Theocracy

Thanks to Chris Martin of Potlach Celebration for the idea on this one.


  1. Love it! :) Did you create it?


  2. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Thanks for the mention, BG. I will send you a revised version of the logo I sent with the date included.

  3. Has anyone seen the Huckabee show? Most of his guests seem to be other newscasters who aren't newscasters any more (it's a sign Mike). And apparently reading left-winged slams in monotone through a teleprompter equates to 'comedy'.

    If you are wondering why you haven't seen the program, it's because it airs on Fix News. I'm embarrassed to admit that I have watched the show. :-D

  4. This is an awesome cartoon for the Blog Against Theocracy day!


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