Monday, December 21

The end of Zappadan, Happy Birthday Frank

Bwa ha Alicia Policia made yellow snow cupcakes this year, which allows you to disobey the don't eat the yellow snow song. Love them!

Today is Zero Day, Frank's Birthday, the end of another year's Zappadan celebration. It's nice that the whole Zappadan thing is just part of the calendar now.

PS. I will NOT be at Salon tonight. Sorry but I've got too much going on as you can imagine.



  1. taylorbad1:28 PM

    After eating those yummies, be sure to floss with genuine Montana raised dental floss!

    Buckaroo Taylorbad

  2. Of course, they have to be rubbed into the eyes for maximum succulence.

    Happy Zero Day, BG.


  3. have a great one, you guys. i'm praying i can set the gout aside and attend the late night service at church. haven't been there in so long now, hope i don't scare anybody. may even shave the beard too. not so much for church, but today is our anniversary. she may not know me today, but i'll know her, and remember and treasure every moment.


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