Wednesday, December 2

Just a little sumpin' for Tengrain

Who did have the best comment at my Afghanistan post.

I dubbed Peggington's voice for this one, but I suspect this will become a series, mostly undubbed. PN does have a talent for needing no additional satirical help.


  1. Read my lips, BG, this is a kinder, gentler, Noonington.

    Waiter! Mai Tai, please!



  2. bg

    i am literally peeing in my Pink Lady

    that was SO great

  3. Now the Peggers is blog commenting as Online Pharmacy?

    How low can she....

    oops, sorry, forgot to whom the topic referred.

    Can't we speak politely? And can I get another of those rum fizzes?

    The WV password is: lyinting!

  4. spam deleted, Rehctaw. No linky for online pharmacy. LOL


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