Tuesday, December 29

Now that the initial "foiled terrorist plot" shock has worn off

Seriously, if you were the Yemen branch of Al Qaeda, you'd be in more trouble than Paulie in The Godfather:

I mean, firecrackers in his pants?

That didn't go off?

Until he burned his 27 virgin tally-whacker?

If he'd died, he'd be a Darwin Award winning "terrorist" there.

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PS Good news you can pee on an airplane the last hour of your flight again. Bad news Karl Rove is suddenly single; Susan Sarandon take note.


  1. The kicker about Rove's divorce (happy holidays, jerkwad!), is they ask for their privacy!


    Ask Valerie Plame about her privacy!

  2. I want someone to follow Rove 24/7. Imagine how he would feel if he was deprived of rent boys for a while.

  3. taylorbad12:58 AM

    "leave the bomb, take the cannoli."

  4. You've nail them.

    In fact, it's so ludicrous that it seemed to me when I first heard it that it couldn't be a real threat.

    Then Black Listed News immediately ran the story about the "terr'ist" being escorted onto the plane without a passport by a well-dressed man who knew him and the plane personnel, and thus it stood exposed and seemed a well-planned action by who knows who.

    Now even blogtopia, which should live in heightened awareness on a daily business of al-CIA-da's history of these type of facilitated (false flag) operations, is laughing at this one. . . .

    How could this be anything except an event to increase the discomfort and pure fear factor of a certain sector of the public (not us) - leading to a greater acceptance of the coming military maneuvers (orchestrated by the usual clowns)?

    Thanks again, BG.

    Waiting for the next shoe,


    P.S. If the MSM ran a picture of all the ex-wives and girlfriends of hit men like Rove, Gingrich, Livingston, et al., every time their actions made the news like they run Monica's and the other bimbos every time the Clintons do . . . .

  5. Anonymous8:54 AM

    A one-way ticket from Amsterdam to Detroit: $900

    A PETN bomb from Al Qaeda: Free

    A second degree burn on your scrotum and no lives lost: Priceless

  6. Never mind Susan Sarandon...I'll bet Sheryl Crow is chomping at the bit to get at this prime slice of loose beef.


  7. ohhhh, i'm all a tingle at the thoughts of rove being single!

  8. You know, if he roasted his junk, he can still get a Darwin Award. All you have to do is take yourself out of the gene pool.

    I'm Bing, just an everyday superhero of knowledge.



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