Wednesday, December 23

Mark Moford, Trigger Warning

I laughed and laughed, especially at this regarding reader response to an article he wrote about Tiger Woods:

[RE:] the word "skank." Offensive? You bet. One unexpectedly barbed reply came in the form of a Twitter tweet from a lovely Bay Area courtesan, who kindly informed me in 140 characters or fewer that she liked the column, but "F--k you for using 'skank' to refer to the women," which I took to mean she wished to reclaim that unlikable term from the skeezy clutches of Tiger's brainless pneumatic Botoxed Barbie doll flatiron slutbunnies. She did not, alas, suggest an alternative.

PS I've often defended the rights of bloggers to use the word "fuck," but I'm to the point where I find the word "fuck" on certain comment threads to be triggering. It triggers me to think the commenter can't think of an actual word to use.

Mark Moford fans might enjoy my article on Michelle Malkin's book whoring, also too.

[Many thanks to my colleague Miss Kitty at C&L for the article.]


  1. Whateva. I'm of no political party except God's political party. Try arguing with Him - let's see where you are at the Last Judgment, girl. Think, please, before voting. Thank you. Resume thy daily existence -This has been a message from thy Emergency Broadcast Teleprompter.


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