Sunday, December 13

Nice try, Green Balloon Rapist,
but ultimately, it's a mug shot FAIL.

You gotta learn from the money laundering hammer, my friend: darker suit, chin up, borrow a comb.

And really, the word "green" in your safe-phrase? But then again, isn't it your political party that pasted "clear skies" onto your air polluter initiative? "USA Patriot" in your wiretap American citizens without a warrant initiative?

The family values party that repeatedly keeps sexual diaper deviants (Vitter), closeted gays (Craig), adulterers (Sanford) and adulterers with office staff (Ensign), on the taxpayer's payroll?

Really, if you'd combed your hair, they might have scheduled your gig on Dancing with the Stars by now. But hey, if you can talk a good three minutes in a row about Iowa caucus numbers and make it look like Palin's a shoe-in, you can spend your parole as a regular on Hardball.

IOKTBAARIYAR: It's okay to be an alleged rapist if you're a Republican.


  1. Hope the wife divorces him, takes the assets, he is convicted and sentenced....and then his cellmate asks him what he wants his safe word to be. May I suggest "green balloons?"

  2. I saw a police report posted a couple of days ago. She denies that it was consensual, that he drugged her wine. Used wine glasses were taken to test for evidence. It was not sex-play-gone-wrong, but date rape.

    Oh-- and I finished my crocheted horsie.

  3. As far as the news coverage of the whole GO-Perverts party goes, he doesn't stand out as any different from the rest really.

    A whole party of terrified third-raters hoping to drug someone with whom they can finally get a date. Or what they deem a date.


    How can we get the word out - no - not on these perverts particularly (that will happen on its own - give it time) - but on the party of "Family Values" like these.

    If wishes were horses.



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