Wednesday, December 9

It's the Grand Old Party in a "he's completely nuts" shell.

But wait, did he leave out the tax cut for those making over $150,000 a year?

Headline from here.


  1. He is, of course, INSANE, right?

    There is no study of any kind that shows that cutting minimum wage results in higher employment. However there are plenty that show cutting minimum wage results in higher misery.



  2. But I bet he thinks he is underpaid. After all, people like him add so much value, unlike the poor bastard who has to clean his bathroom.

  3. I love when these types use their coded language, attempting concealment of true meaning as a subterfuge while blowing their little dog-whistle for all it's worth.

    Of course, what they really mean to the discerning ear with this gimmicky construct is 'indentured servitude, the way America works now, kneel and bob'.


  4. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Minimum wage is too low. The poor and middle class are our greatest consumers. We are in a recession. We need to raise demand. We can do this by raising the minimum wage. It is important that minimum wage track increase in productivity. Also increases in minimum wage leads to increases in productivity.

  5. So here we go again. Sadly, the chances are pretty good that we'll wind up with a Rethuglican governor in 2010 because we were foolish enough to elect Blago twice.

    The really sad thing is, is that none of the Rethugs will mention that they want to lower the minimum wage, and then when one of them gets into office, it will suddenly appear and seem lick such a magically wondrous idea.

    There are days when I really want to give up this enchantment I have with the Midwest and move back East.


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