Wednesday, December 30

It has been Sarah Palin's Year

Top to bottom:

Sarah as Laura,

Queen Sarah can see Russia from her castle.

and Sarah as the (PUMA) Blue Angel.

Click any image for larger. We really are indebted to her in the lefty blogs. Nothing beats Quitty McQuitter for blog topic security.

Happy New Year.


  1. She did make it easy, but isn't it time for her to head back to Alaska and take care of her traditional family and her darling husband? Please.

  2. That "inspiring" woman is sure to haunt us forever.

    Nice photoshopping!

    And happy new year!

  3. And she didn't even make the #1 most-admired woman in America! The pictures I admire......

  4. Style points for Laura. Alas, Sarah is intent on not disappearing...

  5. Sarah is here to stay: !

  6. donnyh11:01 AM

    You suck at Photoshop. Seriously. You're quite obviously beyond help in your political blindness, but you could at least take a few minutes each day to improve your godawful digital editing/composition skills.

  7. thanks for the laughs
    i needed them tonite

  8. Nice.

    And Happy New Year to donnyh, the linkless cowardly douchenozzle!


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