Monday, December 7

There she is....

...Queen of the Wingnut Stupid, Debbie Schlussel.

Wow, Debbie, who knew that a blogger we've hardly even heard of (tm) could take the crown so dramatically? And even though your story of a "terror dry-run"* is a complete pile of shit-stink lies, many extra bonus points galore for referring to the suspected hijackers as simply, "Muslims."

*If that inappropriate bastard Larry King asks you to compare a Muslim dry-run to a racist dry hump, pageant-walk right off the set, dahlink.


  1. Soon to be known in the MSM as the #1 female blogger.


  2. My God, those people are sad.

  3. Bob: Not sad, desperate to get their hands on some rightwing funneled money. And I bet this tired lying whore will get her share.

  4. No person alive as a more annoying voice than Debbie Schlussel.

  5. This one time, I went to the grocery store, and Boba Fett was there, and I said "You can't get in the 10 items or less aisle with 13 items, Boba Fett!" and I twisted his arm behind his back, and took his blaster away, and I totally saved the rebel alliance.

    I also think that Boba Fett is a Muslim, probably.


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