Thursday, December 17

A Thanks to the Reigning Queen of the Funny Blogs

The blog that has kept me sane (tm) the past two weeks is Wonkette. Not just because as they say in one headline, "political internet almost fully unreadable." It's more like posting that picture of the 'Totally Not Gay' Mark Foley texting in his bike speedo made my weekend a few days early. And let's not ever ever forget that Joe Lieberman didn't just destroy health care reform, he's also "Satan’s earthly plastic voodoo doll." It's times like this you have to laugh or go crazy. For me and mine, I'm going to read Wonkette.

And I'm not just sucking up early because I'll really really need their help once Weblog Awards are under way. Promise.

Besides, 'Obi-Wonkette you're our only hope', I won your stupid photoshop contest LAST year.

PS. I hate to make you jealous, Wonkette, but do you ever get any hits from Vietnamese search engine users typing in "sex google"? Didn't think so.


  1. I'm totally with you on this one. "Laugh or go crazy" is exactly where we are right now. And if we make the finals for liberal blog, we'll be happy to get our asses kicked by Wonkette.

  2. Jez that's exactly how I felt last year when I was bulldozed as best liberal blog by those guys. They were very nice to their liberal opponents, except of course, the PUMA blog, for obv. reasons, ha the end.

  3. It's the truth: conform, go crazy, or become an artist.

    And by "become and artist", I refer to generally participating in the creation of joy--i.e. laughter--whether you're reading it or writing or drawing it.

    God, that Foley pic is hilarious--The Tiger Woods of NAMBLA, indeed.


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