Thursday, February 18

Cooking with Republicans! (NOT work safe)

And again I say, not work safe. And for those of you who don't get the "Santorum" connection, go look it up in the Urban Dictionary. But that is also not work safe.

Don't forget, for those who are loving the podcast, we need five bucks from you to pay for our podcasting server costs. Thanks so much!


  1. I don't get your podcast, but I'll send along $5, sure. (By the way, I've always said that the sexiest part of a woman lies between her ears, so I'm with you on that one, too.)

  2. Wouldn't you have thought she'd have fixed her hair for this presentation?

    Thanks for the laughs, BG.

    Hope you and Dg pull in some big bucks for your marvelous, spell-binding podcastery.


  3. That normally costs extra.

    The self-loathing they provide for free.

  4. And speaking of Santorum...a quote that summed him up beautifully:

    p.s. pitching in $5 for outstanding entertainment!

  5. That is fabulous. I'm swiping it for my fun blog.


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