Friday, February 26

A story I almost missed.

It's not that Sally Quinn's "The Party" column has been removed from the print edition. Yawn.

She claims she offered the column that allegedly ended her print tenure, to show that "even the experts make mistakes." Mistakes like making the ghostly spirit of Emily Post barf in your soup course, as shown in item "C" below:

Is it good party etiquette that one of her last tree-killer columns was a cockpunch (you know where I got THAT word) to her husband because that senile fucker didn't write the wedding date of his granddaughter on his calendar when she clearly had sent a SAVE THE FUCKING DATE CARD and Sally had handed it to him specifically? Fuck!

Their son is getting married on the same day, Sally tells us, because she moved her wedding date up because, as Sally tells us ALL in her WASHINGTON POST COLUMN that she was "thrilled to learn," the bride is alluva sudden pregnant. [I got nothing against that. But life holds few graces for most District of Columbia unwed moms: not having Sally Quinn for a mother-in-law has to be one of them.] And Sally rushed around the house in her Maribou Feather Kitten Bedroom Slippers checking everybody's calendar to make sure the "revised date" ahem, wouldn't be a conflict. But Ben Fuckwad Bradlee's calendar didn't have the granddaughter's wedding written down! Really, I'm slightly disappointed in you, Sally. A really good party planner would have put that fossil's calendar a-w-a-y from him before something, you know, damaging like this happened.

And it's just so unfortunate this "spate of negative stories, both online and in print, about the 'dueling weddings.'"

Dueling weddings? Is that a reference that BOTH weddings are shotgun? Jeebus, Sally. I'd hate to see what you do when you're really sorry about something. But then again it does make your future seating arrangements so much easier knowing neither bride will ever speak to you again.


  1. I suspect that you're not buying Sally Quinn's tale here, BG....and golly, why not?

    After all, a multiple-decade DC hostess renowned for hosting A-list parties calling for vigilant precision tighter than a deep sea crab's ass always leaves the scheduling for said soiree's in the hands of her hubby Mr. Bumstead, er, Bradlee whenever she wants a flaming wreck - er, a blaming trek - um, a retirement check - Oh, gosh darn it you know what I mean.


  2. StonyPillow6:57 AM

    Words of wisdom from The Village. Be Seeing You, Sally.

  3. I'm lucky I don't know who Sally Quinn is.

  4. Thanks for the insight, BG, but I thought Sally had always made it clear that the servants did that type of work.

    All you had to do was get "good" help.

    (snark off)


  5. I think when the revolution comes to Washington, we need to limit the guillotine use to Georgetown long-termers. You live west of the Park, your head rolls. You live in Anacostia, not so much.

    Seriously. Level the Village. Bring down a few hundred off the books construction workers from Hampden in Baltimore and some good old union guys from Deanwood and Congress Heights. Give 'em a ten percent bounty on all the china they can steal and turn the entire Zip Code into a Metrorail repair yard.


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