Monday, February 15

Lace Weight Podcast Yarn (?) and Salon Tonight

After Chris M. suggested at Salon that the Driftglass Blue Gal podcast should be called Blue Glass, it cracked me up to find a hand dyed lace weight yarn whose color is called just that.

The podcast took off this weekend: we've had over 2200 downloads, probably due to the keywords "Palin" and "porn". I expect when we talk about lace knitting next week our numbers will be slightly lower. (kidding! kidding!)

Now to find the money to keep it going. We have to pay to podcast as often as we do, um, weekly with an occasional special edition is apparently a lot. Watch this space or DG's for a fundraiser SOON.

Salon tonight, 9 Eastern, new address, and hopefully easier to remember:

Hope to see you then.


  1. its really very nice and beautiful color i like it very much thanks for sharing this with us....


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