Thursday, February 11

An open letter to Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs)

Pammy! Can I call you Pammy?

I am one of the many liberal readers who read your blog for laffs/cries. You're really over the top with your hatred of all things Arab, your passion for John Bolton, and your predilection for hair swishing and plastic surgery.

That said, I feel actually sorry that you took a space on the Joy Behar show to defend Sarah Palin. You and Mrs. Palin share a wingnut crazy-tude, but doll, even I have to admit you've got twice the IQ and three times the vocabulary of that Wasilla hillbilly. The "Palin didn't quit" thing is beneath even you.

There is absolutely no reason why you should feel obligated to take one for the team on her behalf. Nothing Palin does serves conservatism, feminism, or even politics. She is in it for the money and the publicity.

Maybe you are, too. But you can do better than this. While I question your motives for decrying female genital mutilation (it's such an obvious good-versus-evil slam dunk against the Arabs, no matter how right you are to condemn it), you and Hillary Clinton could do much good in the world to continue to push that issue from a perspective that is not watered down by statements on your current blog, such as "Obama is literally killing us."

Stop lying for Palin. She's so not worth it.

With all good wishes,

Blue Gal

PS. Balloon Juice and Little Green Footballs (who called you out at that link, special!) have abandoned the Dark Side: you could too. I don't expect you to go all anti-AIPAC on us, but there are batshit crazy Zionistas who will be forever wrong on foreign policy (oops, well, you catch my drift) who have seen the light on domestic social issues and the rest of the time sound like Democrats.

If you decide to cross over and abandon the poo flinging on behalf of people who don't deserve you, and become at long last a person whose opinions and sanity match her intelligence and ability, do let me know, I'll introduce you around my little sane asylum. And bonus: if you become a liberal Democrat, liberal guys will actually think your brain is sexy, and won't demand you to keep up the Botox or the starvation dieting. I mean, you wanna grow old with Breitbart? Really. Think of the future.


  1. :) brava.... i am beyond tired of women giving women a bad name while they look the other way at our hard won rights being ceded inch by the name of traditionalism. i am about as traditional/non traditional as they get- stay at home wife who looks after hearth and home and cares for everyone while gardening, cooking, cleaning, laundering, etc., but i will be god damned if any man will TELL me what to do with my mind or body. pammy, gretchen, mary, lynn, etc., all very successful women with brains- who still symbolically take their 'place' behind their male counterparts when they are told to. very disheartening as they are role models to many young women...

  2. Bless you for having the stomach to wade through Pammy's dreck. You're a better person than I. But I certainly agree she's a heckuva lot smarter than Palin.

  3. God I loved this post! Thanks!


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