Wednesday, February 10

Why Mrs. Palin, it's positively Aristotilean!

I get the weekly cartoon email from The New Yorker magazine, and this week cartoon editor Bob Mankoff made me giggle with a little bitta ergo sum:

1) People behaving stupidly will be mocked.
2) People don’t like to be mocked.
3) People will stop behaving stupidly.

That didn’t pan out, did it?

Really, there are stupid people and there are lazy people and lookee here the Tea Party Convention got a two-fer.

Here's what I want to ask every insane wingnut who defends her: would you hire her, paying completely out of your own personal bank account, and for what? Because I wouldn't pay her two bucks an hour to fold my towels.


  1. I'd pay her 2 bucks an hour to fold your towels if she had to listen to you and Driftglass do your podcast at the same time.

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM

    You pay $2 to fold towels? What, are you some kind of commie towelhead?

  3. If you did hire her to fold your towels, you know she'd make Piper and Willow do it.

  4. " fold my towels."

    Is that what the kids are calling what she does these days :-)

  5. Willie the Shake referred to her likes as "The idol[s] of idiot worshipers."

    Sounds about right.

    I'm hoping she'll suck all the wingnuts out of the Republican party so we can get back to debating with True Conservatives while these jerks drool around their bonfires.

  6. She just makes me tired, so much press, so much noise and a real threat if we let her get to center stage. About time the Repugs pull her in.


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