Wednesday, February 17

Have the Olympics Replaced Lent?

I've noticed a significant up-tick this year in Olympic-based online challenges, and not just the knitting ones (Ravelympics and Knitting Olympics are ongoing). There's a declutter olympics and a stuffed animal olympic thing and of course a scrapbooking challenge.

There's lots of social networking and goal setting etc, based on a set time of beginning said project with lighting the torch and ending with the closing ceremony. It's a convenient agreed-to time frame to set a goal and try to achieve it. But what about Lent? It overlaps with the Olympics somewhat this year and hey, it's a longer period of time.

I'm far too lazy to achieve any goal in 17 days based on some sports event when I can fail to achieve said goal in 40 days and at least pretend I tried for Jesus' sake. Honestly.

I'm giving up sloth this year. Today was my second water aerobics class in as many weeks; I'm going to try to go more than once a week when I can. I'm going to keep on top of my laundry for 40 days and nights, including the #%@^(&%$ folding. And I'm going to get in the habit of asking for help: from my kids, my fellow bloggers, and my readership.

It's time to hold a fundraiser, this time not just for me but more specifically to defray costs and time spent preparing the weekly podcast with Driftglass. Because we want to make the podcast at least a weekly occurrence we are paying each month for podcasting hosting. This is real money and is not free. If you like the podcasts, help us pay for it.

If you can help us defray that cost (and also as DG says "pay the damn writer") I would really appreciate the help. And one important reminder to those of us (most of us) who are flat broke:

Five bucks makes a huge difference.

More than that blows me away. PS. I only hold fundraisers four times a year.

Thank you so much for your support.

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  1. roshan11:15 AM

    Come on folks, pony up the cash it's for the podcast.


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