Friday, February 5

Podcast better late than never! (With Free Kitty)

Thanks for the chainsaw, Bob!


  1. well aren't you the dyamic duo. you two have "made for radio" voices! thank you for the breakdown of "The CHicago Way."

  2. When I crewed on Millenium, Chris Carter said (no doubt in spite of the best creative intentions meeting a pressing need for a place to spend some X-Files cheddar double quick) that he didn't want a 'Serial Killer Of The Week' show...But every episode presented yet another overwritten hyper-intelligent psychopath whose reign of terror would be forestalled in the third act by Frank Black's mystic mentalisms, and then only at a massive psychic cost to himself.

    One could draw a parallel betwixt that fictive dilemma and the current deathmatch of witlessness among Republican and Democratic political representatives if one had a mildly Procrustean bent...But f*ck it, I'd rather play the many fine drinking games that you two worthies have offered this week.

    Thanks for the shoutout, mes amis.


  3. StonyPillow8:59 AM

    Laughed so hard I couldn't breathe, and woke up the whole Pillow household.

    Way too good for us groundlings on the intertubes to have to ourselves. Gotta be room for this (and possibly a few denarii, if Drifty's friends can drum up some advertisers) on weekends at WCPT.

  4. Okay, a pink Hello Kitty chainsaw? Sold. Signed up for the 'cast at iTunes!

  5. Smooth listening -- keeps getting better. I haven't been in Chicago in decades but it's always interesting to hear what's going on. Great Kitty graphic.

  6. On Lost - they decided on an end date for the series about three years ago, and mapped out the overall season arcs. As of two years ago at least, they had the final shot of the series decided. (This comes from the writers.) I like the show, and am hoping they pull it all off.

  7. Enjoyed the show! And the two of you DO have "made for radio" voices!



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