Sunday, February 28

First up against the wall when the revolution comes.

I can't believe I live on the very same planet where there are women waxing their crotches in order to have Swarovski crystals glued onto that very same area in a decorative manner. The "spa treatment" people promise the crystals last an entire five days.

First of all, the good Lord did not put me on this planet to replace my panties with fake diamond glue-on. All things in moderation, people.

And also. There's a motherfutzing recession on, and that fifty dollars you're spending to rhinestone your pussy could go to feed some Haitians.

image from Anne Taintor


  1. But nothing says 'forefront of social consciousness' like a bejewelled hoohoo, BG - ask Karl Rove's dad.


    Seriously though, ladies - It's an body area that doesn't require the 'rainbow brite unicorn applique' treatment to look attractive, IMO.


  2. Our bodies are dirty, disgusting and all wrong. Every effort and expense should be put into trying to disguise that fact.

    Also, our lips should be soldered shut with tiny rhinestones so we don't start nagging or voicing our stupid irrational opinions.

    Don't even get me started on my toes.

  3. Fake diamonds? That's awful. It's like there are no real women left. I'm not touching a hoo-ha unless it's decorated with at least 1 karat of the genuine article.

  4. Why would you want to feed Haitians vajazzle rhinestones? That doesn't make sense.

  5. I have a friend who is in the medical field. Anyhoo, one day she had a patient who had a tattoo right on the pubis that clearly identified her girl bits as property of her boyfriend (had his name). She was young, so that probably wasn't a wise choice, no? Fortunately he had a common name, so even if she had to limit herself to like-named lads she would have some choice.

  6. Sounds painful on soo many levels.........

  7. I thought I'd seen everything. Every low kind of tacky there could be. I've even seen a divorce triggered by the wife finding the husband's naked girlfriend's picture in the family bible. But now I am mute with amazement. How low can one rise?

  8. The problem with hoo-ha bling?
    It always falls off.

    The 70s ruined everything.

  9. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Shallow is as shallow does.


  10. i put that vid on my blog and no one said a thing- i was expecting someone to say it was foolish to the max but not a peep-wow.

  11. Love that video. "Make and $8 pair of jeans look like they cost $50."

    I had forgotten that jeans were ever $8...


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