Friday, February 19

Our most dramatic podcast ever.

Yes, Driftglass loses his equilibrium over Michael Steele's letter to Blue Gal. This was not personal between the two of us, but if I were Michael Steele I'd avoid Chicago for a few years.

And yes dammit I'm laughing TOO LOUD while reading Michael Steele's letter. Anyone who doesn't like it can bite me.

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UPDATE: A commenter asks for the RSS feed for the podcast. You can find it here.


  1. This WAS a good podcast, BG.

    It's OK when the situation makes you dispair to let us know.



    PS - for some reason, I get the same GOP fundraising letters (and don't think for a moment that the undocumented worker opening the evelope does anything with those surveys except to scan for the check before throwing it out.)

  2. roshan10:54 PM

    Well its fine and dandy with me if DG had his fuse blown by republican propaganda. At least one other person has the same reaction as me when I hear this kind of BS. The conservatives are not going to stop because they are drenched in money from big business and the 40 million or so idiots/traitors who fund their operations.
    Also read this :
    There is an article in there from Harper Magazine by Thomas Frank which should just make it more clear as to how the conservative thugs are going about this thing.
    So as I have said before "Conservatives suck".

  3. Gotta go with Drifty on this one. I know exactly how he felt. It's never good when you're sputtering and stammering over the blatantly obscene bile emanating from every orifice of the pig people.
    It drags you down and plays right into their strategy which is to fling, fling, fling feces and point their tainted finger at anything moving.

    Proof: They managed to distract you. You talked about THEM. AGAIN.
    You perpetuate their bullshit. They win.

  4. Where is the rss feed for the podcast?

  5. Whatever fundraising appeal you get from the GOP please, please, please save the prepaid return envelopes. Do what I do and carefully slice the offending material into pieces that will fit into the return envelope, stuff the pieces in and send it back to them. Use packing tape to close the envelope. What this does is force the Post Office to hand cancel the envelope and charge the recipient extra postage. I've heard of people cutting pieces steel (is that a pun?) to fit the return envelopes and mailing them back. Robert Bork no longer sends me mail. The only down side is that after doing this a few times you will be blacklisted from their mailing lists.

  6. I feel you're holding back, Driftglass. Let us know how you really feel.

  7. I think I got the same letter. Years back, pre-blog, I wrote a piece dissecting an Oliver North fundraising letter which crowed about his supposed exoneration in Iran-Contra.

    And yeah, I often feel the same way as DG - these people are actively screwing over their own constituents and their country, and they don't care, some of their constituents don't know better, and the press doesn't really care. It's sheer madness, but they're talking about what lovely clothes the Emperor has.

    Besides the socioeconomic issues, and the jihad to de-fund the arts, torture is the issue that really pushes me to place of total outrage. These fuckers are out there casually endorsing torture, based on their notion that torture somehow "works," because... they saw it on 24 and Dick Cheney said so. Meanwhile, they continue to ignore every expert interrogator, every report, every piece of reality that has been reported. Dick and Liz Cheney will outright lie. Most of the press do not give a shit. Law and order conservatives oppose torture, but it's a plank in the platform of movement conservatism. I find it hard to imagine a more clear moral line than torture. I understand average citizens not knowing everything, especially because the coverage has been so terrible, but I can't excuse the press or politicians from turning a blind eye, or outright endorsing evil.


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