Friday, December 17

gifts for the kid's teachers

Knit while listening to Al Franken books on tape.

mitten 1

mitten 2

mitten 3

These are designed as intentionally wild and crazy to be worn on the playground or during car / bus rider duty. Knit from yarn I already own, so they're less expensive than homemade cookies, even. Frugality plus creativity FTW!

PS the top photo... mitten number two is in the works but DS doesn't have last day of school until next Wednesday.


  1. Your mittens are great!

    I did fingerless gloves for 3 out of 6 teachers this year, also from stash and handspun yarns and have 2 pairs to go before Monday for mailing to family out of town. Definitely time is better than money this year. I usually make about 600 cookies as well, but too crazy of a schedule and too many groceries.

    Which hasn't stopped me from making 13 cranberry breads, with 9 or 10 more to go but still.

    My mom and I are really enjoying the podcasts! Merry Christmas!

  2. My job pays a shitty wage... so for the last few years, we've done "Recession Secret Santa"
    giving recycled/regifted stuff.

    My signature gift item is a (yard sale) vase of Cedar & Evergreen boughs, so far very well received (take that Teleflora!)

    along w other misc stuff.

    It's fun to get & give gifts w/o having to spend $ you don't have.

  3. My secret santee was out of town on the day gifts were exchanged, and I knew it, so it bought me the break to finish it the hat I'm going to knit or crochet. Hopefully knit, but I'm not as adept and my next time will be starting over a third time..


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