Monday, December 6

What would make me feel better about the tax cut deal.

Is if the checks looked like this:



And if you have Direct Deposit it says on your bank statement "YOU'RE WELCOME. BARACK OBAMA"

Since this White House will get no credit for anything good that comes of this deal whatsoever, I don't even know why he didn't come out swinging instead.  But then again, I'm part of the problem.

Obama's problem is that he's a Socialist liberal Marxist out to destroy America.  Hey, since he's gonna do the time, he should do the crime.


  1. It's about time we got a Marxist commie pinko in office. Sheesh.

  2. You are a sorceress with teh photoshop. I agree this was a lose, lose for the admin when it could have been a win,win. He will get blamed for the deficit and GOP will get cred for the tax cut. And now he has validated the Reaganomics meme.

  3. I need to read more about the "deal". The cursory hearings have been incongruous. A big deal is being made of this withholding "cut" that will put "big money" in the working poors' hands each week.

    EXCEPT: The that the tax RATES remain in place?

    That means that come April 15th, the working POOR will not be getting refunds. Instead they will OWE the monies not withheld during the year.

    Did I hear something incorrectly? Is this some new NEW MATH? So exactly how is this any kind of "compromise" or concession on the rethuglican's part?

    I can't think of a faster, more sure way of screwing the working poor than messing with their withholding.

    No offense, but these are people who pay big bucks to H&R Block to file their 1040-EZ so they can get the "instant refund" 28% loan so they can pay their heating bill.

    TANSTAAFL is a constant. The only free lunches are those paid for by somebody else.

    If you're still lucky enough to have a fucking job, that extra $50 in your check better go into a lockbox because the rethugs'll want to balance their budgets come April.

  4. After January 1, these will henceforth be known as the "Bush Tax Cuts" for those they benefit and if the economy gains any positive ground. They will be known as the "Obama Tax Cuts" by those they harm or do not benefit, and if the economy does not improve or if it worsens. Our President will never get credit for anything he does right but will always get the blame for what goes wrong. Yep, he is still the anti-Bush.

  5. President Obama problem isn't that he's a progressive, heck he's not even a Democrat. No, President Obama's problem is that he is a Republican.


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