Friday, December 10

Our Weekly Podcast - The Professional Left

The button above is available in my Cafepress Store.  The button below allows listeners to throw a contribution specifically towards the podcast.  Thanks for your listenership and support!  We really appreciate it:

Thanks again to Frank Chow for the graphic and Heather at Crooks and Liars Video Cafe for their help. And don't forget you can listen to our archives for free with no downloads or registration at Professional Left.


  1. I just dropped a dime! Are you watching/listening to Bernie's filibuster? I think it's important!!!!

  2. "what happened to the Bluesmobile" "I traded it for a microphone" I love it. Great analogy another great podcast. It was Obama's attitude that pissed me off more than anything. He gave the hostage takers the money and they killed the hostage. Obama should have checked with the FBI or DOJ first. Gibbs has been reduced to trying to sell GOP talking points..I am still pissed.

  3. "The Professional Left" defines excess quality for the art.

  4. Thanks for the C&L linkage!


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