Sunday, December 5

The times will be changin' (DADT) photoshop


  1. He is the most opportunistic shithead out there. (Well, 2ncd place to Palin anyways).
    God, how can AZ stand this grifting piece o' crap?
    Creeps me out.

    Denny Smith

  2. He looks like a star compared to the governor. WV "cryopp" it is indeed

  3. I think you showed great restraint in this photoshop, BG - McCain would vogue it in leather chaps and nipple clamps on the cover of Honcho if the race was deemed tight enough to require the gay vote, IMO.


  4. Hengh, hengh, hengh.

  5. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Timely post - I just had my first "troll" in, well, forever, on the subject of DADT.

    Anyone recognize the handle, "Iknow?" He was pretty viral.

    Anyway, you made me laugh pretty hard there, 'Gal! :)


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