Thursday, December 9


The GOP is gonna have that fabulous Reagan tribute at their 2012 convention after they've shit all over his START treaty.   Human KIND should have been his business.  And theirs.

By the way Reagan lover Jim DeMint thinks unemployment insurance payments should come in the form of a loan to encourage people to go back to work.  No, really.  Because of course unemployed people aren't  borrowing enough money for food.  

Are there no workhouses? 


  1. The actual Reagan wasn't nearly as insane as the Tea-party nostalgia version of Reagan. Don't get me wrong, he was plenty crazy enough, but even he realized that sometimes you cut taxes and sometimes you have to raise them.

  2. Thanks to Reagan, Unemployment Insurance benefits are now taxable income.

    Can't also call them a loan unless you run a payday lender.

  3. Send the 99ers in South Carolina a "sorry, you're not getting any more cause your Senator DeMint thinks your a lazy-assed bum." Include a map to his state offices.

  4. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I heard DeMint say that and blew coffee out my nose. It's INSURANCE, you twit. We already PAID for it!

  5. There was a time, way before my time, before Raygun went batshit crazy. I send this link to Reaganites and it makes them crazy.

    Most of the younger conservatives have no idea St. Ronnie was once "gasp" a liberal.


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