Wednesday, December 22

Julian Assange's future is assured.

Julian Dahlink, from now on, all your Asian groupies are 'made in China,' since you're revealed to be such an adorable sweetheart of a love muffin in this interview [WARNING - link goes to autoplay]

He said he believed the most probable explanation for the allegations was that two women "found out that they were mutual lovers of mine and they had unprotected sex and they got into a tizzy about whether there was a possibility of sexually transmitted diseases.".

MUTUAL LOVERS!?! Just under the wire, it's the euphemism of the year!

And "tizzy"? Oh don't worry about the misogyny, Monsieur Assange, you won't have to be in proximity to a real woman again, um, ever.

To be clear, "mutual lovers" does not tranlate into "victims" of anything other than truly dickish behavior on the part of a free speech hero who is also a cad.

Also, reading the European press on the issue (which is really important h/t Susie Bright, always worth the listen) it's clear the charges are complicated by laws different from ours.*** The women involved may or may not have a case against Assange in a European court of law, and definitely do in the court of public opinion, but any debate about "rape charges" requires figuring out what Sweden thinks that is, and that will be played out in the courts, not the blogs.

***By the way, feminists should stop linking MoFo Wapo without a warning, and certainly not as their "evidence" that this is all about rape. Find some serious journalism or don't blog about it.


  1. Ouch. Someone check Julian's nose to see if it's still bleeding.

  2. that pic is just delish--kudos!

  3. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Nailed it again, 'Gal. I'm no rape apologist, but neither am I a sucker for a government set-up. My memory of Scott Ritter's take-down are still too fresh.

  4. wapo must die. JA seems like an asshole; also too the rape charges have stinky gov't issue red flags all over. the crime worse than rape or even murder is embarrassing powerful people.

  5. I may be mistaken here, but Assange hasn't actually been formally charged with a crime, has he?

    Having said that, I'd like to raise an issue. Let's say Assange is guilty. Does that negate his very valuable contribution in exposing Bush/Cheney's war crimes?

    The reason I raise this issue is that I'd bet that 99.9 percent of all Americans regard Thomas Jefferson as a great man---an admirable Founding Father who wrote eloquently about human rights and freedom.

    (Yes, the same Jefferson who raped his slave "mistress." Note that if you have sex with a slave, it's by definition not "consensual" sex).

    I'm not taking a position here, one way or another. Well, actually, I do believe if you "own" slaves, you could well be called a monster. The U.S. Founding Fathers have been worshipped by this nation for so long that I think it's time we recognize that they frankly did some evil things. I personally am in favor of getting over the whole "Great White Males Built This Country" tradition and recognize the REAL heroes of American history: people like MLK, Rosa Parks, Paul Robeson, Mother Jones, etc.

    If Assange did this crime, I say, throw the fucking book at him. But until he is charged with a crime, I say let's wait and see how this plays out. In the meantime, though, Assange should keep his big mouth shut on this topic.

  6. The women have been coerced into making the charges. If journalism wasn't dead, there would be a lot of press investigating who coerced them and why.

  7. Julian really should have behaved a little better going on the gossip. Still there does seem to be a whiff of the old character assassination going on here. As an aside:


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