Wednesday, December 29

Worst Editorial of the Week.

Is this one in Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal.

Its sidebar notes say

The left won't admit that Sarah Palin had a point about rationed care.

then the editorial is about how Sarah Palin sensationalized a very positive aspect of health care reform, end of life counseling, and that the WSJ had already called her on that, because end of life counseling is actually a good thing that private insurance overwhelming provides...

...but you know, when everyone wants health care and sees it as an entitlement there won't be enough to go around so people will die.   Which means Sarah Palin was right all along and people who believe in Death Panels are crazy like a FOX.


PS.  Screw "adult conversations" about cutting entitlements.  The GOP has lost all credibility about deficits when they held the nation's agenda hostage for tax cuts for millionaires.

But we do really need to have an adult conversation about death.   Because the grim reaper is going to get all of us.  Even the WSJ made a joke about 100% mortality rates in Americans over the age of zero.

Universal insurance coverage is the right, sane, compassionate, and cost-effective thing to do.  It does not mean that people won't die.  It means that people have health insurance.  That's a good thing.  People with insurance are healthier and live longer.

There are plenty of people who have insurance who are afraid or too busy or whatever to seek care when they need it.  People find out they have cancer too late, for instance.  The Ad Council stays really busy with PSA's attempting to convince people to see their doctors.

Arguing that under universal health insurance plans, people will die anyway, is stupid distracting bullshit.

PSS Karoli tells me NewsCorp is looking to hire an "Online Community Manager."   Yeah. 



  1. Wow! It's hard to be that willfully stupid without being Charles Krauthammer. Hey, maybe we should reexamine the whole "secret Muslim" thing too!

  2. Oy! I have had 2 relatives in senior care facilities a collective 5 years now. All I can say, is I am glad I live in a Death with Dignity state.
    Just because we can prolong "life".... in the true biological sense, not at all in "quality", does not warrant what it is we do to seniors these days.
    Even though care facilities have come a long way,
    it is both heartbreaking & gut wrenching.
    Worse one relative's spouse overrode the medical directive (wanted DNR & the spouse changed it to Full Code (meaning take all measures to sustain life).... put that person through needless surgeries, hospital procedures & a hell of a lot of pain & suffering.
    End of life counseling is addressing reality.
    And-- if asked if a person would choose lengthy & painful slow dying process, most would decline.

    That piece of circular "logic" is classic crapola.

  3. Love the photoshop. And if she were a man, the board would fall to the knees. Probably full of closet cases, just like any group o' republicans.

  4. love the photo!

    thank god for end of life talks and living wills! been thru that with my late father and mother-i have one too-but i had to pay for my knowlege and lw.

    have a great new year


  5. I have zero respect for the Murdoch Street Journal. It's now as big of a joke as the New York Post.


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