Tuesday, August 14

Advice for a myspacer.

Folks, I Google Image Search the words "blue" and "panties" oh, every other hour or so, and I came across this. I hate to be a stinker and reprint it, but then again honey, if you see this you can be glad I'm not linking you, too.

Dear [guy I apparently met in Myspace and may or may not have 'hooked up' with]:

Wanted you to know I bought two pair of crotchless panties, one black and one white, and that electric blue silky nighty you liked, the one with the kinda open shoelace sides to it? Anyway, to prove it, here's the mailing receipt, but I won't post pictures of me in it because I'm pretty sure my Mom reads my blog.

Yeah, I choked on my bagel, too.

So anyhow, I just don't know where to begin talking to this woman. (Yeah, she's over 21.)

I guess the best advice I can give her is:

GET A NEW MOM, honey. My letter to Mama Blue Gal would go like this:

Dear Mom, could use a few more pair of lace crotchless panties. You know the size. No rush.

Love, your eldest daughter


  1. The younger of your daughters will enjoy this link more than the older, I think.

    I'm putting it in my file-for-discussion-in-2019 box.

    Or maybe 2029...

  2. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I like looking at panties as much as the next guy, especially when properly modeled, but the pic next to this post (particularly the top pair) are strongly reminicent of Monica Lewinsky.

    I'm not complainin,' jes noticing.

  3. Dear MySpace Harlot,

    I don't know what I find more appalling--the fact that you hooked up with someone over MySpace or the fact you were willing to put semi-nude cheesecake photos of yourself on MySpace.

    Had I been the guy in question I would have said "Sure, it's nice eye candy, but it makes me feel less special when I realize that anyone with a computer would be privy to spying upon your semi-clad body."

    I did have that one friend who posted a nearly naked picture of herself on MySpace, but that was merely a desperate attempt to get attention.

    I'm sure you wouldn't resort to such cheap theatrics, would you?



    Comrade Kevin.


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