Friday, August 3

Evil Spock writes about vlogging...

"It is logical that this red visor allows me to see Blue Gal's panties."

Evil Spock at Needs of the Few winds up writing a piece on vlogging which does not mention me or Pammy but does talk about anonymity and also somehow works in a tie to hip hop music and Slate. I wanted to comment on this part:

Will regular blogging become obsolete? It is a lot easier to watch a video than to actually read.

In the case of the right wing vlogger mentioned above it is simply easier to make a video than to spell correctly. And don't even mention going back to fix the "typos" when several commenters point them out. As I've said before, she clearly doesn't think her blog is as much an extension of her selfhood as her face. But for me, it is. (Please report any typos or mistakes in grammar, at this blog, not Pammy's, sheesh, to bluegalsblog AT gmail.)

I am not going to vlog all the time. Sure it's my new toy and I'm playing with it. It will take time to work out the kinks and get it so it's actually good. But this here blog took time to be any good as well. Art is about making mistakes, and throwing in kiln devils so the pots don't break.


  1. I don't have the money for vblogging and even if I did, I'm so self-conscious. I hate the way I look on camera and I despise the way my voice sounds.

    I tend to take the Thomas Jefferson approach. Eloquent in prose, shy in person.

    And my attention span will never be so limited that I have to resort to vblogging.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I like the Jefferson quote Kevin mentioned; that's pretty much me to a tee. Well, unless you get a few drinks in me.

    Plus, I don't want to have to worry about my appearance anymore than I already do. Bloggeribrity isn't for me, or at least not yet.

  3. i have to practice reading my poetry and then listening.

    ick, i hate my voice.

    i could never get on a video.
    you are braver than i am. go for it. : )

  4. Ack! That picture is not Evil Spock! That's Medusan Mind-Meld Splock! That's a totally different episode!

  5. I have a red visor just like that and it allows me to see your panties through the intertubes. Love the lace!


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