Wednesday, August 8

Carrying the torch...

From the Save Darfur Coalition:

"One year from today, the Summer Olympic Games will begin in Beijing, China.

To mark this date, Save Darfur Coalition partner Dream for Darfur is launching its own Olympic torch relay in Chad, across the border from Darfur. The torch will tour the world, including sites of other genocides and many U.S. cities, until it reaches China's doorstep in December.

China is more than Sudan's largest trading partner, foreign investor, and arms provider. China has also consistently defended Sudan on the world stage, even fighting to weaken last week's UN Security Council resolution that authorized the deployment of peacekeepers to Darfur.

Thankfully, global pressure is mounting, and ultimately helped force China to vote for the resolution.

You can sign an online petition here to tell China to live up to the Olympic dream and help end the violence in Darfur."


  1. Too much money is on the line for them to do the right thing.

  2. OMG it was late last night and I didn't realize that torch looks like panties. Oops. Well it served the cause and obviously it's now second nature. ha. Thanks Manila.


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