Wednesday, August 8

It's about time something like this happened!

Can I get this band to show up the next time I go to the MOVIES? Here's one guy who will never answer his cell phone during a public performance again. And that's a start.


  1. Genius.

    I just wish you could convince people in my generation that music is meant to be listened to and not to be talked over, particularly not talked over on cell phones.

    I find cell phones in particular to be vile instruments much like Planet Hollywood t-shirts and Boa Constrictors.

    It's so insulting to the performers, first off. When I was in a band, I hated playing certain places like say, sports bars, because you had to compete with 1) massive television screens 2) people getting their drunk on 3) people trying to hook up with other people

    You had to practically levitate or scream to grab peoples' attention.

    I always preferred places with good acoustics and attentive crowds.

    Shut the fuck up and listen to the music, please. kthanx

  2. The unfortunate part is he'll probably do it again.

    But, this sure made me laugh.

  3. I noticed how the prick did not hang up his phone.

  4. actually he did. he put it on the table and they walked away.

  5. I loved the spontaneous applause from the rest of the audience when they twigged to what was going on. Brilliant! Now if we can just get the bastards to stop talking on the damn things while they're driving.


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