Monday, August 20

Monday Vlog: Blue Gal being bad?

Okay had to post this to Google video instead of YouTube because it's ten and a HALF minutes long. Geesh. Last week I told you the vlog might not be worth ten minutes of your life. IMHO, this one is worth it. I take a call from Mama Blue Gal and I'm plain bad the whole time. My dad thinks I wear too much makeup and he also thinks I don't moderate the volume of my laughter, so be sure to turn your volume down to a more "moderate" level 'cause there's loud laughing when I get on the phone with Mom. Ironically, mom is calling because she saw the knitting vlog from last week and wanted to say she was proud of me. You'll notice my vowels flatten instantly when I'm talking to's an Ohio thing, you wouldn't understand.

Links from this vlog:

Scone article from Atlantic Monthly

Scone recipe I kinda sorta used
Suzy's blog, Luminiferous Ether
Picture of my boyfriend
Friends General Conference

Salon link will go up later...I think posting it too early and then logging out of Skype caused us to lose our link last week. I'll post it around dinnertime and just stay on.


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    you know I love you, BG, but I'm warning you for the last time to keep MY boyfriend away from YOUR panties.


  2. I have two things to say:

    Your mom is way cool!

    Thanks for showing us that Quaker magic ritual, enlightening. Maybe you should put the decadent creamy topping in there with your boyfriend's pic. That might do something delicious.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yeah yeah TW talk to the hand.

    Good idea Freida but that means keeping panties in the fridge. I know that's what Marilyn did in The Seven Year Itch, but with this boyfriend? Aw hell he's likely in cold shower mode after that vlog. I guess you're right.

  5. I can't go to Whole Foods. Too damned expensive. As the joke goes. Whole Food = Whole Paycheck.

    But I do try to buy organic whenever possible. I have expensive tastes in milk. That $6 a gallon organic stuff.

    My lord, your vowels do flatten out considerably. And those nasally A's!

  6. Here are some commercials for intermission:

    Gold Medal

    Robin Hood


  7. You do have a cool mom ... and I'm with ya on the camping thing ... yikes!


  8. BG, this is your best ever.

    You are a media animal!

  9. Mom's great and how does the coffee taste?

  10. Anonymous5:30 PM

    "Being bad?" Well of course you are being bad. The only thing that might make you more bad would be going beyond mere display of the panties....


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