Friday, August 10

I knew there was a reason I love these guys.

A few days ago I posted a youtube with a folk version of "Baby's got Back" sung by Jonathan Coulton with back-up by a couple guys named Paul and Storm.

Paul and Storm sing a song called "Opening Band" which opines that as an opening band they don't get panties thrown at them on the stage. So their fans have a habit of doing just that. Here's a picture of them with the winner of the "largest pair ever tossed at them" prize:

But that's not enough. Paul and Storm have a Flickr page of their panties collection that you can view as a slide show. And in true geek fashion (and I say that like it's a good thing because it is) they catalog the venue where the panties were tossed. So far they only have nineteen panties but boys I think, just like Dennis Kucinich, you're at the tipping point of greater things to come.

You're also one of us, gentlemen. Welcome to the party.


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    I just discovered this blog and it's awesome! I got the link from JC's General.

    I just watched "Baby's got back." Here's one Alanis Morissette did for "My humps." It's funny and sad.


  2. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I was surprised to see this Kucinich baby wasn't on your templates:

    It looks sharp on Blogger templates, and I've used it to show others that Kucinich is the only Dem with the cajones to write H. Res 333.

  3. Hi, also here via Patriotboy's linky.

    Have you ever heard the Richard Cheese lounge version of Baby Got Back?

    It's a flash site, so no direct link to the song:

  4. I am not sure why, but this song and especially the vocals on this song kind of remind me of They Might Be Giants.


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