Saturday, August 4

BG's Saturday Song - Fred and Ginger

Gonna start posting a song on Saturdays because I can. Put the key in the minivan after getting back from our trip (yes it started, thanks) and this song came on the CD player. I picked this version because I LOVE the Ginger Rogers closeup on this one, plus when you look at Fred Astaire smirking, does he look like he's never gonna see her again? Ha. And older versions are always, always better.

From "Shall We Dance," 1937:

Oh and while we're talking Astaire, he was FORTY THREE, a year younger than I am now, when he did this. I could just plotz. From "You Were Never Lovelier", 1942:


  1. Anonymous8:13 PM

    That was nice, BG -- but I'm sure if you had spent your entire adult life as a professional dancer, you could do that too.

    (And I bet he could not snark for beans!)



    (that dancin' fool)

  2. My mom always loved Fred Astaire-Ginger Rodgers musicals, and so I used to watch them too.

    Although Gene Kelly was technically a better dancer and singer, Fred Astaire was infinitely more fun to watch. He always looked like he was really having fun!

    When Astaire was 80 and married to woman less then half his age, he broke his arm riding a skateboard! He loved skateboarding. I think that Fred was always having a little bit more fun than the rest of us.

    Although a great dancer and a lovely actress, Ginger Rodgers got kind of dour and overly-religious in later years. I don't think that she ever rode a skateboard, which might of been the problem.

  3. Anonymous10:34 AM

    I know it's an old saying but Ginger danced every step that Fred did, only backwards and in heels.


  4. hehe, "Ginger danced every step that Fred did, only backwards and in heels." i was thinking that too!

    hey, wasn't that dress kinda short for back then??!!!

  5. Actually notsoccer mom, not at all. Above the knee for 1942 was de rigeur, as WWII required the reduced use of fabrics on the homefront. Ditto for Ginger's full length mink coat in 1932...the Depression meant movies had to be escapist and heroines were decked to the nines. I was thinking about this only yesterday, that there's a great American History lesson plan, social history through the outfits of Fred Astaire's dance partners. Now if I could only find a teaching job, heh.

  6. Yeah, the quote that came to mind for me, too, was that Ginger did everything Fred did ... only backwards and in high heels! It's a favorite among women my age within the feminist community.



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