Monday, August 13

This is not a knitting vlog, really.

Okay this video is long and may not be worth nine minutes of your life you'll never have again, but hey, I'm knitting, and if you don't like it, read my coffee mug.

Other blogs mentioned in this video:

Crooks and Liars
Omnipotent Poobah
Knitting Curmudgeon
Yarn Harlot, who's also knitting a sock, go figure.

Salon is tonight 9 Eastern and I won't knit, I'll type. Download Skype here and it's just typing in live chat no special equipment needed.

Blue Gal's Salon -- link is here. See you then.


  1. are you knitting socks for Rove's retirement?

  2. headed to the studio around noon today for voice recording. hope i can make the salon later. 35 percenters! woot. you're doing awesome stuff.

  3. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Nice socks. Nice shawl. Nice vlog. You do nice work.

  4. "Just let me finish this row …" Words that are guaranteed to strike fear into my husband's heart. Ha! I'm not the only one.

    I too see knitting as prayerful; I try not to recite a litany of wrongs while I'm knitting (when I'm sewing? That's a different story!)

    Lovely, lovely creations. I love the log cabin pattern on the shawl.

    Check out the book Two Sweaters For My Father. I think you'll like the author's take on knitting.

  5. DistributorCap: Karl Rove does not deserve handknit socks. (I know I know ... how unQuakerly.)

  6. Suzy you and I are seriously two peas in a pod.

    The socks are neither for Karl Rove or Mr. Blue Gal. They are for a dear friend I hope to see in November. I hope I can get them done in time.

  7. Knit one, pearl two ... or something like that. My mother used to knit and crochet all the time. It always seemed to calm her.

    Congrats on the C&L front page ... it's been fun stopping by and seeing your byline.

    Speaking of seeing you, I'll see you in a few minutes, if I can get into the salon!



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