Friday, August 3

Is there a box big enough

To ship Tom Tancredo to some Middle Eastern country where our government has "plausible deniability" of any torture actually occurring on our behalf?

I will seriously pay the shipping. Charge me.


  1. He made a similar statement a year or two back, and when someone called him on it he denied saying it.

  2. How crazy is he? A 'deterrent'? Sounds like an iron-clad guarantee to me. A gold-leaf engraved invitation to attack America. Practically a summons!

  3. Ship him to Israel.

    Torture is legal there, and routinely practiced, too.

  4. can we add Ann Coulter to that matter your political bent == spending time in a box with Ann Coulter is shear torture

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    We can't find a box big enough. This was a fun post. Thanks. You might appreciate my humor as well

    Here are a couple of articles for ya

    The Statements Don Rumsfeld did not say on Camera

    4th Branch addresses Dennis Kucinich and Impeachment

    and who can forget

    U.S. soldiers ask "Should We Stay or Should we Go.
    The U.S. Congress and Iraqi Parliament are on vacation, Why aren't you? It's the weekend. Time for a video recap of the weekly news...Why's the weekend. Relax, kickback, and enjoy. A little political humor never hurts.

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