Sunday, August 19

A good laugh for Sunday

Oh this is funny. A guy named Mike Reed has caricatured the various personalities present in blog comment threads. Scroll down the "flame warriors roster" and read, in order, deacon, athiest, and "bliss ninny." It's very funny.

Hat Tip True Randomness

No, this is not an open thread. Ha.

BTW happy blogiversary everybody. Blogger, and apparently by inference, the blogosphere, is ten years old this month.


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I laughed out loud, and of course tried to pick the best character to describe myself!

    Which Flame Warrior are you?

  2. Thanks for the Flam Warrior link - love it. I try hard not to flame - see too many in real life.

  3. that link is just making me laugh. thanks.

  4. Thanks again for the flame warrior link here and at C&L. Really good stuff!


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