Friday, August 3

It's about tax breaks for the super rich
and screw poor children, stupid.

And Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent, but who are we kidding, we'd trade one of Bernie for say, seventeen Joe Liebermans any day, Vermont) gets it. Well worth watching for how he takes down this Bush nominee for, pardon the expression, Budget Office.

Senator Sanders is now filibustering this nomination. Hat tip David Sirota at Working for Change. I usually don't send people to the US Senate website but Bernie's page is probably worth bookmarking for the next eighteen months.

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  1. Good for Bernie Sanders for standing up for us little guys, and in a perverse sort of way, good for Jim Nussle for at least kinda sorta being honest and kinda sorta admitting to be the asshole he obviously is. This guy seems prime for another recess appointment.


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