Thursday, August 2

Blogging from the plane.

12:55 Pacific Time. Until we take off. Then my laptop has to be stowed.

If we crash I was in seat 6F on Southwest Flight 749, Seattle to Phoenix. Blue Gal was said to LOVE wifi.

4:44 Pacific Time. By the time I get to Phoenix, I'll be blogging. Okay the deal in Seattle was pay eight bucks for a full day of internet and they have live wifi at the in-airport playground which has an ajacent family restroom clean enough to actually use.

Phoenix has free wifi but you can't access blogs like Balls and Walnuts because PHX Airport thinks it's porn. (Well, he does love the camel toes.) No playground, not even a cheap plastic slide in the waiting area. I'll pay eight bucks for the playground internet, thank you very much.

Observations on my journey. WTF is it with women and cosmetics? Thanks much to the lady who spilled red nail polish in the fore washroom on the plane. A chipped nail is a big deal when you're using Revlon's "Cherries in the Snow" in the summer, I guess.

And I could make a big deal about how people now sit on the floor in airports because that's where the plugs are but I do that too. I'm one of the few women though, which is interesting. So then I wonder why I'm so hard on women who bring electric curling irons in their carry on so they can touch up between flights. Not making that up. It's not like they're maintaining this.

I'm just an internet geek. I don't understand grown women owning anything "Hello Kitty" either.


  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Ooooo! I love that seat. That's the one I always pick!

  2. Anonymous11:31 PM

    I would tell you about my Wednesday post, except then PHX Airport would think YOU run a porn blog, too. I'll email you about it instead :)

  3. Doug, my readers are so high class they wouldn't know a strip club pussy-farter if you announced her at Eschaton.

  4. Hey! Are you kidding? "Hello Kitty" rules!

  5. I used to find it amusing during Atlanta commutes to find women using their time sitting in traffic constructively: applying makeup, sticking their arms out the windows to apply deodorant, and even one enterprising woman who was plucking her eyebrows while at the same time carrying on a heated conversation via hands-free cell phone.


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