Monday, August 27

Monday Vlog: Blue Gal THUMPS her Bible!

Blue Gal celebrates the Gonzo resignation by thumping her Bible and talks about Richard Dawkins. (10 minutes, I promise it's not ALL Bible thumpin' ha.) Here's a link to Dawkins' announcement about the debate I discuss here.
Skype salon tonight 9 Eastern it's typing not special equipment needed. Link provided later today.


  1. I like your personification of God, Blue Gal.

    I have to say that unlike a lot of people I've known who have drifted towards Atheism or Agnosticism, my faith in G_d has never seriously wavered.

    Perhaps it's because I'm an artist and a writer--as such, I've always been more hyper-attuned to the the world than a lot of people. There are strong sensations, perceptions, and emotional responses I've experienced in my own life that I cannot assign to anything other than a force more powerful than myself.

    And part of it is too is that I always felt Atheism was a kind of irresponsible response nurtured out of rebellion rather than good sense. I've encountered many Atheists in my life, many of which have perfectly formulated conceptions and explanations for why God does not exist, but their postulates always ring hollow to me.

  2. Brilliant BG, truly great vlog.

    Recently I have done a post with a brief follow up about my own Catholic Christian self, which falls into the category of irreverent more than pious. My heart and mind are a more open place and I seek to learn about others and respect them, but not convert them. You did your thing and I mine.

    To that end I just cross posted my friend's "Testimony" about his atheism. I take no credit - but you should go check it out at my place. I am not providing a hyperlink - I am sure you can find your way there if you wish!

    This ridiculous Hatfield vs. McCoys version of Christian and Atheist drives me mad. I am more atuned to your image of mother-in-kitchen view of God. And I loved the petulant angry adolescent Dawkins. Really great imagery there!

    As you clearly point out, the Bible should not be used to perpetuate lies or to hurt others, but lately that seems the primary goal of many. If anyone saw that CNN Warriors of God segment on Christianity, if one was not already concerned, one should be.

    Sadly, through time, and maybe especially right now, many people in our land are living in fear and ignorance. Such things breed a true lack of any critical thinking skills and of any sense of inner authority. That is tragic.

    So any God I worship is big enough for my- or yours or anyones' anger, rage, questions, doubt and so forth. Or not.

    After all, its your choice.

    Yikes that was long. Sorry, passionate topic spurred on by great vlog.

    P.S. Can we have an attorney general who knows, understands and respects the law? And religious freedom too? Please?

  3. I have a good friend that I met in college and she always said, "We're all God."

    Whether He or She or it exists is certainly open for debate, but it's one debate I'd find myself bored to tears if I were to attend.

  4. I enjoyed your video Blue Gal..... Tomorrow Wendy Wonderful feminine anthropomorphism

  5. Check out the picture book Mr. and Mrs. God in the Creation Kitchen. I too loved the imagery you conjured up here.

    And re: the resignation of Rove, Gonzo, et al. I tend to agree with you about their reasons. I find little joy in any of these resignations; so much damage has been done and I am not confident that any justice will be served on any one of these criminals.

  6. Anonymous11:23 PM

    ...finally we see the back of Gonzo, denier of Geneva Conventions.


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